Why I will never change from Android to Apple for my smart phone

I have always had and will always have an android based smart phone and tablet. Don’t get me wrong here! I do not hate Apple, I am not a genetic iHater! I have my own reasons for saying this and all of them are logical, some of them technical and a few of them personal. Read on if you want to know why

To me, having a smart phone or any other device for that matter has been about ease and convenience. The thing in my hand must be the thing that does what I want it to do.It can be a simple task that I am looking to accomplish or it can be a complicated one. I must be able to do both of these with equal ease without the device adding any complexity to the task on hand. This is where Android devices win hands down! Simple tasks like setting some track from my own music collection as my custom ringtone or complicated tasks like changing the default application that opens an object type, both are accomplished relatively easily. Let me explain that in slight detail.

Let us say that I have installed Opera Mobile, Google Chrome and Firefox browsers on my phone. Every time I open a web page by tapping a web link on the phone, my android phone pops up a list of browsers and asks me which one I want to use. I also have the choice of saying whether my choice is once or always. And if I set a particular browser as my default, on a later date, there is a straightforward and intuitive way for me to change that choice. This does not happen on the iPhone or iPad, the default browser opens up and if I need to open another browser, I have to copy the url, open the other browser and then paste it in. Tiresome if you ask me! Similarly when I need to set an mp3 as my ringtone, on Android it takes just 2 taps and on an iP* device it is a windy process involving file conversion and then syncing the device. Plus I get only a short excerpt of the mp3 as my ringtone. Not the whole one! And this is just an example.

Customizing the look and feel is tough with Apple products and for someone like me who wants to get things done fast, that is a big no no. I love flash based web pages and they do not work on iP*. Same with maps, unless you are using google maps, you know what the iP* can do to you!

That in summary is why I will never change a phone that gets things done the way I want it and go for a phone that is made by a company that decides what I want.


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