How to get retweets on twitter

One of the key measures of engagement with our twitter audience is the number of retweets that you get from your followers and how often do you manage to get them. It is not easy to get retweeted and this is sometimes referred to as an art. There are some who try to make it a precise science. I will share my take on this with you

Retweets are secondary, primary is to get engaged and hold a rapport with your followers. That has to be accomplished first and then the rest follows.For that, you need to build your identity on twitter. Create a character and then stick to it religiously. There are linkers, sharers, quoters, jokers and talkers on twitter. Pick one and stick to it that script. Before that, pick a niche and keep tweeting about it. The audience sees that and registers you as a brand. Once that is established, we move to the next stage.

The next stage is that you strike conversations on twitter with folks and sustain regular interaction with them. Now that you are a brand, become a trustworthy brand. All the while, keep in your mind that radical statements and positions get you nowhere. Try and be moderate and decent all the time. Now they know that you are a brand that is worth quoting. This is when the important rules kick in.

There are a few things that you need to remember if you want to get retweeted. Here they are

  1. Keep your tweet text to not more than 100 characters, they look nice and if someone does an old-fashioned RT instead of hitting the twitter retweet link, it fits perfectly
  2. Shorten links before sharing, this is aesthetically pleasing
  3. Use well known and trusted link shorteners, no one will retweet a suspect link
  4. Avoid using annoying grammar that goes like ” I lyk a gr8 tym wid u”, I would never retweet something written like that
  5. Never ever say “Please RT” on your original tweet, that is a big No No.
  6. Thank every person who retweets you, they feel good, they do it again.
  7. Remember to RT those who RT you, it works both ways
  8. DO NOT annoy random people by DMing them a tweet to post, they WILL block you!

There goes my 2 cents! Cheers!


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