Photo Sharing on Social Networks

Everyone likes to see nice photos and share them. Like everything online, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you do that. That being said, photo sharing improves your influence scores dramatically. It is a confusing thing, you want to and have to do it, but there are reasons to not do it. So how do we do it correctly? Let us discuss this today The key to effective image sharing is that you need to remember that images are intellectual property, so acknowledging the owner when you share them is mandatory. Otherwise you are setting  yourself up for a nice lawsuit and subsequent banning by the social sharing sites. So it will do you a world of good to remember who owns the photo that you are sharing. But that is just one aspect, there are a few others that you need to think of.

The next aspect is privacy, many people believe in sharing private and personal photos on sites. We should remember that there are folks on line who will not hesitate to misuse them for “other” purposes. Also it is never a good idea to share where you are and when you are there in detail with a bunch of unknown people. If I am not at home, then it is a good time to burgle my home. And if you know where I go daily and what I do there, you can easily stalk me. I have particular personal reservations about geo tagging photos automatically too. But that is a different post.

A picture speaks a thousand words, but make sure that they are the right words! Cheers!


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