Social Media from work: Things to remember

There are a few of us who work and then like Social Media, there are the lucky few who work on Social Media. The number of those lucky few is very small, the rest of us work on something else and out of sheer love for social platforms we also devote time to that. Here are a few tips to remember when you are tweeting/updating from work.

When you tweet or update from work, you need to be careful about what and exactly how you say it. Otherwise the consequences can be very disastrous and unexpected. We all sign non-disclosures when we take up a job or a project and it is important to keep that in mind at all times. So without much delay, here are a few tips that will help you

  1. Whenever possible, keep your boss and superiors out of your network. That way, even if there is a slip, it is just between the cup and the lip!
  2. Never ever give out client names or project details
  3. When you are looking for help on work, word the request to obscure sensitive info and just ask what you need
  4. Never ever quip sarcastically about your workplace,boss,clients or colleagues, that is a one-way road to trouble
  5. Never take radical stands on issues and vent out vehemently when colleagues are in the network.
  6. Off late, it has become a fashion to use four letter expletives openly, DO NOT DO THIS.
  7. Even if your friends as you about work, reply cautiously and stay neutral on policy issues
  8. Applying for sick leave and posting party photos on facebook has got many a smart alec fired, do not join there ranks
  9. Most networks now automatically read your location, so if you are in Bangalore and have told you boss that you are at your village, …
  10. Drunk photos are a no no
  11. So are voyeuristic images on your timeline

That is all I know, let me know if you can add to this list.

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2 comments on “Social Media from work: Things to remember

  1. I always remember the old tip I was told when I started at the newspaper and what I subsequently told my son about social media: Never write anything you wouldn’t mind your grandma reading!

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