What I want from my smartphone

Smartphones are in and feature phones are out. What is a smartphone? Well, it is a phone that is smart! Meaning it can do many things for you easily on top of making phone calls and managing a contacts list. With that change, the biggest loss has been to Nokia in terms of market share loss. The company was ruling the roost in the mobile handset arena and is now left playing catch with Apple and Samsung. So the smartphones have changed a lot of things. So what do I want from my smartphone? Let me tell you!First up, I want my smartphone to give some respite to my laptop and PC. So right off, I want access to my emails and social networks and I want the experience to be similar, if not better than what I have from my lappy or PC. So that is primary. And by saying this small thing, I am saying a lot. Translated technically, I want native apps for email and social networking that have smooth and intuitive UI experience. On this front, I like the fact that my phone has an app marketplace from where I can pick and choose the apps that I want.

Having said that, if the number of apps is less then the marketplace will not be crowded, and business will be dull, in that order.

I also want my smartphone to have relevant location based apps. What I mean is, I want my phone to help me move around from place to place, find the right places for the right things and also let my friends benefit from my experiences in various places. Now this means that the phone should have good GPS capabilities, good navigation apps and useful location based sharing apps like FourSquare.

I want the ability to work on docs, spreadsheets and presentations from my phone and hence an office suite is mandatory. I will not pay too much for one.

I also want a decent resolution camera on the phone with the ability to record videos too. And both of these in HD. I want decent bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Above all I want good battery life and enough memory atleast 16 GB with an SD card slot on the phone.

Needless to say that for all this, a brilliant display with amazing color capability and great resolution is a must!

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know


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