Why am I worried about Google Glass?

Everyone is getting ready to say “ok glass” and I am not all that excited by the prospect! You may think that I am anti-google but I am not! I am a hardcore android fan and Google is my fav company. But I am not at all convinced that Google Glass is something that we need now. Wearable computing is a radical leap forward and as a society I do not believe we are ready for it. There are many reasons for it. Let me explain in detail.


Sergei Brin wearing Google Glass

Google Glass

My first issue with this is as follows. I use Android phones and tablets extensively and am fully aware that Google know quite a lot about my contacts and call records. When I go to my google dashboard I can clearly see who I call often and what their number is along with call records ย of when I called them last. If that is what google ย knows when I am an expert user and control what I share with a phone, Imagine what google will know when I am wearing a glass and they can “see” what I see! That is mind boggling.

Add to it the possibility of someone stalking you with a Google Glass with GPS Geo Location on. That is a privacy nightmare! And I have a genuine concern, what if I am looking at something of technical value and someone else says “ok glass, record video and share on facebook” what happens then?

When folks drive and talk on the phone, it is a safety hazard for them and pedestrians, what if they have the glass on and they are driving, and there is a call, won’t the visual alert screw their focus and cause an accident?

And about the video recording, I can only think of a million ways that it can be misused. Seriously! Are we going to accept things just because Google makes them? That is a frightening state of affairs.

You may say that I am paranoid and that all these issues were raised when mobile cameras came around and they are now quite popular. Some of you will tell me that taking the glass of in sensitive places is an option. But tell me, these are just a few concerns, I have a million more. Will Google answer them? What other issues do you think are there with using wearable technology?

Tell me. We can discuss it.



3 comments on “Why am I worried about Google Glass?

  1. I am not worried any more… honestly. With every new gadget I try, I am giving away my privacy to the big establishments like, Google, Apple and Amazone. We have a choice, live with it or don’t use it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am really going to get the project glass as soon as it is going to be available. I don’t care anymore about my privacy.

  2. I agree with Sunish. How can anyone who’s on the Internet these days have any privacy concerns? It doesn’t matter whether you delete your cookies, or have your privacy settings on, or only befriend people you “know”, we have already surrendered our privacy – and our information. The thing to do is start selling our information instead of giving it away. Market our info as the commodity! ๐Ÿ™‚

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