Scheduled tweets: Good or bad?

Twitter today is a force to reckon with and here to stay. Brands and people swear by twitter and it has become an integral part of everyone’s online influence and identity. With this growth on twitter a new practice has taken root with it’s power users. This is the scheduling of tweets, or setting up tweets so that they are always tweeting even when they aren’t online. Some like this, some do not, let us analyse scheduled tweets today.First, we need to see how one can schedule tweets, there are a whole lot of ways to accomplish this. There are very efficient tools like Bufferapp, smqueue, hootsuite and even tweetdeck that can accomplish this. When users pick these tools, they are given simple UIs which help them to paste in tweets and tell the tool when to tweet these on their behalf. Based on whether you are a paid or a free user, the number of tweets you can schedule changes and the analytics also vary in depth.

Having noted that, let us now look at the impact of this. And as a good practice, let us look at the cons before the pros. The cons are that you are letting your followers think that you are online when in fact you are not. They look at tweets and assume that they can interact with you and when these tweets are scheduled ones, you are not there to respond to them. So then they end up thinking that you are a bot. And that can damage your reputation and influence quite a lot. Sometimes, it even leads to loss of followers. People also think that all scheduled tweets are spam and look down upon people who do it. You also risk getting mistaken for one of those teeth whitening money making social bots!

The advantages are also there. First and foremost, it helps you keep your tweet frequency intact and hence to maintain your klout and edgerank and peerindex scores. Next is the fact that scheduled tweets help you to reach out to people who may not be in your timezone and still establish a rapport with them, albeit with a timelag. I have made thousands of friends like that. Some of them have become my best twitter buddies over the years and helped me in many ways. There is also another advantage, it helps you to also relieve the stress of real time tweeting. A correctly managed schedule with relevant topics and  a commitment to respond to every genuine tweet that is addressed to you will build your twitter reputation sky high. But remember to augment the schedule with manual responses and follow up. Else it is a waste

So in summary, I am all for scheduled tweets, provided there is a script and commitment to follow up behind them! Cheers!


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