Why I haven’t moved to Windows 8

I am a long time Windows user and swear by the OS. By long time, I mean atleast a decade and a half. I love Windows and am at my productive best when I am using it. Having said that, I want you to know that I have not yet moved my PC and Lappy to Win 8 and do not intend to. And almost all my like minded friends are doing the same. Why is this happening? Let me tell you First of all, the fact that Microsoft wants all of us using non-touch devices to move to an OS that is optimized for touch is outright silly and whimsical to say the least. The whole workflow and rhythm that users are accustomed to is gone and replaced by a new and completely hostile one. Mind you, I am saying this after almost a year of getting to grips with Win 8 on my computers.

If a power user like me struggles with it, I am sure that everyone else does. Forcing people sitting behind desktops and notebooks to change their workflow on a whim is simply asking too much. Also for the life of me, I am unable to figure out what the plan is for servers and remote logons. The current UI falls flat on it’s face in both these cases. The very point of servers is that you know admins will remotely logon and attempt to maintain and troubleshoot issues with the servers and services, with the current scheme of things, that is a big tight slap on the face.

Simple things are missing, I cannot close a window, I need to drag it down the screen to get rid of it. The notification area is a pain. The start bar is missing. For the past 8 years I have used only the taskbar with my desktop icons hidden. Come Win 8 and that is no longer true.

Believe me, I am not against Win 8, I love it on the mobile and tablets and the convertible ultra books, the touch sensitive arena is where it belongs and where it should stay. Microsoft should have left the desktop user alone on this one. Sadly, the race to beat Google, Apple and Samsung has left Win 8 with a pie on it’s face

If the company does not re-think it’s desktop strategy, the day  when every windows user becomes an Ubuntu user is not far away. (Note that they will never become Mac Users 😉 )



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