Things to put on a twitter landing page

Twitter has been proven to be a brilliant tool to drive traffic to your blog. And it is now a de-facto norm for all blogs to have a twitter landing page. This page is slightly different from all the other pages in your blog. This is an incoming access point to your twitter followers and hence needs to have a few things that other pages do not. Many of my friends keep asking me if there is a formula to it and the answer is no. It is more of a general guideline. And over the last four years on twitter, here are a few things that I have learned to put on a twitter landing page.

  • A profile photo. If you use a photo on your Twitter profile, repeating it here completes a personal connection.
  • A welcome message. Welcome messages can be wasteful on your homepage, but here you are engaging with someone from a social venue, so greet them as such, mentioning the fact that they are arriving from Twitter.
  • A personal elevator pitch. Even your Twitter profile is business focused, it’s nice to provide some detail of the person behind the logo. A single paragraph of interesting personal info increases trust and transparency.
  • The business elevator pitch. A short summation of what would typically appear on your “About Us” page.
  • Your online network. List all of your online interaction points: LinkedIn, other Twitter accounts (your CEO or customer service), Facebook etc… You don’t kow at this point which is their primary social media venue of choice, so let people choose how to interact with you.
  • Greatest Hits. Provide a short list (such as a Top 10) of your best content such as blog posts, or product/service benefits and features.
  • Special Twitter Only Offers: To make visitors feel special, provide coupons/vouchers for discounts on your product or service, just for Twitter users. It’s common practice to ask that they follow you in order to participate.

Remember that these are only general guidelines and not rules. Make your own and follow them. If there are any interesting things, do let me know and I will update myself.


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