A few things that you need to remember when creating a twitter account

Everyone has a twitter account now. And If you do not have one, this is a good time to create one. And when you want to do that, remember that this is something that you need to do correctly and carefully. You account and your twitter page are the two things that people look at hard when they decide whether or not to follow you. So are there important things to remember? Yes there are and here they are

I strongly urge you to use your real name for your first twitter account.Twitter will tell you if the name you have picked out is available. You may have to include a middle initial to get your name if it is a common name.Or like I did, use a underscore to get the handle closest to my real name. Once you set it up, please don’t go out and follow a lot of people.

Remember, enter a nice, real and catchy bio, that attracts folks to follow you. And if you have a site or a blog, create a twitter landing page, like I described in yesterday’s post and then enter that URL in your account information. That helps in branding yourself correctly and clearly.

Upload your own photo as an avatar and never have the default avatar, everyone will block you or not follow you at all without that.

What I see a lot of new twitter users do is start following a number, usually a large number of people on twitter. The mistake they make is they get a ratio that looks a lot like what you see above. Whether it is intentional or not, you will appear like a twitter spammer (twammer). When you first start using twitter, I would encourage you to follow a few and give them time to follow you back. Take it in baby steps for a week or two if necessary. What you will find is reaching your first 100 followers will take some time, but you will grow very fast after that. Don’t be in such a hurry to gather followers that you follow too many, hoping they follow back.

Adding to the conversation on twitter should be your goal if you are commenting on a particular twitter thread that is going on. Tweeting for the sake of tweeting is a lot like leaving one of those stupid comments some leave on our blogs. You know the ones I am talking about.

“Nice blog, I will be back.”

I have seen some of the same type of tweets on twitter and I know you have too. One of the key benefits of twitter is the fact you can have a conversation with so many people and actually get a lot said in 140 characters. Don’t waste the opportunity to be part of the conversation. Add something to it and you will get noticed, followed and you just might start up a new relationship because of it.

These are a few to start with. More later.


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