Some interesting uses for DropBox

Dropbox is an exciting and widely used service. It is brilliant for multi-location cloud based file sharing and has a devoted and huge user base. The huge user base is now discovering many innovative ways to use DropBox. Here are a few of my ideas. I use all of them. Go through them and maybe you will find them interesting.

Make Dropbox Your  “My Documents” Folder

One of the complaints many people have about Dropbox is that it’s actually a separate folder, and you have to remember to put your documents there in order to have them be synced, rather than just specifying particular folders to sync. Instead of remembering, you can actually change your My Documents folder to be the same as your Dropbox folder, or be in a folder inside your Dropbox.

To do so for Windows 7 or Vista, just right-click on your Documents folder, select Properties, and then on the Location tab you can specify the new file path, and click the Move button. The process is very similar in Windows XP, but you’ll need to change the Target value instead.
If you don’t want to move your documents folder, but still want quick access, be sure to check out how to add your Dropbox folder to the Windows 7 Start Menu.


Create Your Own Customized Browser Start Page

Dropbox makes it easy to create publicly shared files accessible through a URL, you can create your own customized start page for your browser, complete with bookmarks and anything else your HTML skills and imagination can come up with. This can be especially useful for your mobile device, where start pages aren’t always tailored to what you might really want. Just create the HTML file, store it in your Public folder, and then grab the public URL from the Dropbox context menu to set as your start page.

Quickly Install Android Apps and ROMs

The Google Play store is great, but sometimes you find an app that you need to install yourself using an APK file. Or, maybe you’re flashing a new ROM to your phone and trying something completely different. Either way, you don’t need to plug your phone in via USB—you can just drag that APK or ZIP file to your Dropbox, then download it using the Dropbox app on your phone (or install it right then and there). In the case of smaller files, it’s much faster than finding your USB cable.

Print Documents to Your Home Printer from Any Computer

All you need is a script running at home that monitors a Dropbox folder for incoming documents and prints them. Then, you can add a document to that folder from any remote computer or smartphone, and a hard copy will be waiting for you when you get back. You can check out the cross-platform script here, though we’ve also written a simpler Mac-specific tutorial here as well.


If there are any other interesting uses of DropBox that you are aware of, do let me know . Thanks to LifeHacker for showing me the way with this wonderful tool.




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