Why I will never use Facebook Home on my mobile

I have an android mobile and tablet. Recently hitting the news for us was facebook home, the new wonder launcher from Facebook that would be heaven sent for my mobile and take it straight to social heaven! Zuckerberg as usual went overboard with the ads and promos and there were a lot of people singing it’s praises. I am NEVER EVER going to use it! Why? Let me tell you

Ask any smartphone user which app uses most memory and eats up most of the data plan? Pat comes the answer : FACEBOOK! The app is pathetic. There are a lot of issues, the app size to begin with is hugely bloated! Next is the fact that it can never be moved to the SD card at all! Ever! Then there is the issue of cache that builds up and grows exponentially large over time! Clean it and you need to re-login and recreate all that crap again! Add that with all the insignificant updates that keep coming at random times and you have a winner! I would never ever use anything written by the same guys again.

Next is the fact that it is a launcher, meaning it will cover Android at all times, downloading all sorts of data that I might never really get around to looking at. And not to forget the “promoted” data that will take priority over mine and definitely get downloaded all the time. I mean I totally see a Durex ad popping up everytime I type “performance” for sure!

Last but not the least, my entire phone is visible to Zuckerberg’s ad brigade, there goes my privacy. Just like FB and instagram, now my own phone will work against me? Excuse me please! And not to mention that I will pay for Zuckerberg to download data about me! No! Never!

So there are my reasons, what do you think? Tell me!



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