Why do I need a blog?

A few of my friends, well learned and employed in the software industry came up to me and asked me this question. At first, I thought they were trying to joke, but then it turns out that they were serious and indeed asking me this question. First thing I told them is that as individuals they probably don’t, but as companies with products or services they most definitely do. To which they said that the whole world has moved to streams and a shorter attention span and hence blogs are dead! They were referring to this article. What was even more idiotic was the fact Wired told us blogging was dead on a freaking blog!! And then this is what I told them

To begin, without a web presence, small businesses lose their ability to:

  • Separate yourself from the crowd
  • Build trust and create authority
  • Spread ideas and information about your business
  • Connect with the other social media tools.
  • Take advantage of being found by search engines
  • Being found via local searches thanks to search engines
  • Build your own community around your product, service and brand
  • Provide a way to answer FAQ’s you see on a regular basis
  • Target marketing to your specific location
  • Build and market to an email list that has come to trust you

All things you can do with a well thought out, well planned and well designed blog . You have to have a web presence if you want to compete. You have to have a web presence if you want to build trust with your target market. And you have to have a web presence that is also integrated with a total marketing plan, including the other social media tools.

And any small business marketing professional who is telling a small business that blogging is dead and to not blog is out to lunch. Where else can you start a conversation with your customers and give them the opportunity to jump in and comment. And comment with more than 140 characters too. Where else can you communicate, connect and build a relationship online with your customers and potential customers than with a blog?

In fact, most of the so called “mainstream media” have blogs now too. Could it really be true that using a blog to connect and provide information to your intended audience is a viable  strategy? I and a lot more believe this to be true.

Yes, social media can cause the conversation to go to different places. It doesn’t mean the conversation is going to start on twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Yes, “social media” may extend the convesation and lengthen the lifespan of a story. However, the story has to start somewhere and they are not going to always start on social media. They are going to start on a blog. And that is something that I am sure about. Very sure!


Note: This is a re-post from an old post and I have just added info here


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