The New Sensors on Samsung Galaxy S4

Whether you like it or not, Samsung knows their business when it comes to smartphones and they are right at the top when it comes to picking the right things to package in each phone. Their latest flagship phone Galaxy S4 is no exception to this rule. The Galaxy S IV has been one of the most anticipated smartphone releases in recent memory and of course, there was a lot of disappointment when Samsung announced a phone so similar to last year’s Galaxy S III. I mean to take nothing away from the S4 by saying this . In fact I think it is an amazing phone.  Samsung did the right thing in keeping things much the same. We all know that the latest and greatest from Samsung is packed full of sensors, chips and fun-loving features but, what the hell are these sensors, and what do they do?

S4 Sensors

These are the sensors that Samsung has added in their S4 smartphone, exciting isn’t it? But what are the uses?

We don’t often see Barometers or Temperature/Humidity Sensors on smartphones so it’s good to see Samsung embracing these. The Barometer is used in the S Health app, and it can ascertain the altitude that you’re walking at, which in turn allows S Health: Walking Mate to tell you how many calories are burnt as you continue on your mountain hike. The Temperature/Humidity Sensor also filters data back to the S Health suite, through a small hole on the bottom of the phone, Samsung are claiming that this – and I quote – “ visually displays what the optimal comfort levels are for the user on the S Health screen”. Now, I’d consider myself fairly intelligent but, I’m no physician, I have no idea what Samsung are getting here, do you?

At the top of the device, things are beginning to get a little crowded with the RGB Sensor, Proximity Sensor and the Gesture Sensor all at the top of the smartphone. The RGB Sensor is more of the same when it comes to automatic brightness but, it now adjusts the display – using Samsung Adapt Display – by measuring intensity of red, green and blue light. The gesture sensor is of course, in place to make sure you’re not waving your hand at your phone for no good reason, it’s this little guy that allows for page scrolling and other gesture-based uses

So after having seen and understood the sensors and what exactly they do for the phone and how the input from them loops back into the phone’s software suite to make our lives easier, I think that it is fair to say that although the phone looks similar to S III there are a lot of things different inside the S4 when you actually think of it.

Samsung knows what it is doing!



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