Niche Blogging or Just Blogging?

Many people take to blogging with great passion and are in a huge rush to set up an online presence and then grow it into a brand. From there they are all keen to be called “A-List” bloggers. They want people swearing by their blogging and they want Google and every other search engine to take note of their blog and serve it up in the first page of results. They want all this, but most of them are confused about whether their blog should be a niche blog that focuses on a particular area or just a blog where everything goes. The answer to this holds the key to your blogging success. Let us see whether Niche is good or just to stay general

I  am a big proponent of niche blogging. In other words, picking a niche and blogging about it. Staying focused on this one niche and “crushing it.” When my coaching clients ask me if they should combine niches, I almost always tell them no. Keep it focused and there are at least two reasons why.

  1. If you keep your posting on one particular blog focused on one particular niche, you will be able to target your efforts to that niche and the potential market.
  2. If you keep your posting focused on one niche, your readers will also be more targeted on what you are writing about and will not be confused or put off if you hit on too many things on one blog.

All too often I see bloggers, especially businesses and/or professional service firms try to do too much on one blog. Even if you have multiple areas to your business or service firm, you have to stick to one niche in each blog. Have more than one niche, do more than one blog.

Let’s take for example a professional service firm that actually handles more then one area for its clients. More likely than not, these areas of service are going to be very different from each other. While you may be very passionate about each. Your potential clients are not. Keep in mind how your clients or customers look at you and to you for help. If they are looking for a specific area of expertise from you, don’t give them what they don’t care about in a niche blog. In other words, do one niche per blog and be the best you can be.

When people are looking for a particular issue or problem, they don’t care you know about the other. In fact, they don’t want to wade through the information which does not apply to them. Keep your niches separated for you and your readers.

So if you want to take my advice, do not spread yourself trying to write everything, you will come off as a generalist trying too hard and not as a subject matter expert. And that will hurt you very badly when it comes to leads or prospects. They will get the impression that your blog is just a recreative effort and shy away from you. They are looking for a specialist. Not a hobbyist! So there goes my thoughts. What are you thinking? Tell me.



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