How often should I change my blog’s design?

Most bloggers are faced with this question. Whenever they see a blog that looks better than their blog and with a higher number of hits and subscribers, they feel that a redesign will help them to push forward their own blog. Then they start looking and researching what they need to redesign and where everything goes in the new design. By the time all this is done, they see a new blog and the whole cycle starts again. So what do I think about this? Here are my thoughts

The problem with redesign is the fact that there are way too many things to tinker with and most people end up making a mess of it. They do not think the re-design through. The number of things that can go wrong and put off even the most loyal readers you have is very high! So it is almost like buying a new house after setting out to re-paint one. Be careful with it.

One mistake I see bloggers make is not letting their new design or layout sit for a few days.  Give your readers a chance to see it for a while.  Allow them to comment and leave their thoughts on what you have done too.

What you don’t want to do is keep changing things around day after day after day.

If this is what you find yourself doing, chances are you really didn’t  do enough pre-planning for that new design.  Build the new design on a test site and don’t take it live.  This way only you see it.  But, you should let this new look sit a bit even if you are the only one looking.

Like your readers, give yourself a chance to get use to it.  Look at it and leave it alone. Go back and look again, leave it alone.  What do you like and what don’t you like about it?  If you need a second set of eyes, give a trusted friend access so they can give some input too.

The way I go about a redesign is as follows

  1. Think clearly about all aspects for the new design
  2. Have a subdomain with the new design
  3. Show that subdomain to close friends and experts
  4. Get feedback and incorporate it
  5. Now push the new design to production blog
  6. Please do not repeat this very often, have a time interval for which the new design sits and stick to it.

That was my idea! What is yours? Tell me!


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