Are there Blogging gurus?

Some of my friends ask me “Are you a blogging guru?”. My response to that question is always in the negative. I have a blog, I am not a blogging guru. I do not blog for profit, I do not earn even a penny from my blog and yes, I blog to blog and not to game google or any other search engine. In fact, I am so lazy that despite having wordpress set up on my own domain and all ready, I am using as maintenance is easier, so NO I am not a blogging guru.  Let us talk more about this

Anyone with the audacity to call themselves a guru is either really, fantastically over-the-top awesome, or they’re stupid. It’s either one or the other, and of course…it’s usually the latter.

A guru is some type of hero with mythical powers. Even being in the same room as one of their products will cause you to levitate and begin attracting wealth and glory. All without lifting a finger of course. We’ve all seen these gurus; you know who I’m talking about. An expert on the other hand, is someone who gives a damn about you, who rolls up their sleeves and helps you make stuff happen.

Here’s the thing: YOU are an expert. There’s no getting out of it. You can’t shirk the responsibility, so don’t even try. Basically:

  • If you’re in real estate (yes, even if you JUST STARTED), you’re a real estate expert.
  • If you’re a personal trainer (yes, even if you’re fat and out of shape), you’re a fitness expert.
  • If you’re a social media consultant, you’re a frickin “social media expert”. Yes, that dreaded phrase that draws so much criticism and disdain on the internet. That’s you.

We don’t need gurus. What we do need however, are experts. Experts are essential.

If you’re inclined to ask “what is the difference between a guru and an expert?” then you’re following along very nicely! Read on…

We think experts are supposed to know everything. They don’t. That’s the guru’s job. And that’s why no one trusts them. No one knows everything. So if not…what the heck is an expert?

  • An expert is someone who cares enough to make sure the job gets done right.
  • An expert is someone who will admit when they don’t have the answer, but they don’t leave the client hanging. They go figure it out, and they make things work.
  • An expert makes mistakes. Yep. Then they admit it, take responsibility for it, and they fix it.
  • An expert is someone who looks out for their client’s best interest above anything else.
  • An expert doesn’t claim to be a guru. They simply claim to be who they are. Their clients respect them for that.
  • An expert may have been in business for decades, or they may have just started. The level of their experience carries weight with regards to how they market themselves, but it carries NO weight with regards to their fiduciary responsibility to their clients and customers.

This may sound intimidating at first, but once you begin you’ll see it’s really not that hard. If you don’t have the answer, get it. If you don’t know how to fix the problem, ask around. Figure it out. This is what experts do. No, you’re not a guru. And guess what…you’re not likely to ever be one. You’re an expert. Gurus hover and float amongst the clouds. Experts roll up their sleeves and work.

Seriously, don’t hold back. You’re awesome now. Already. You’re already awesome. Why? Because you care about your people. I’m dead serious…that means way more than how many years you have under your belt. And the sooner you roll up your sleeves and accept the responsibilities of your expert status, the sooner you’ll feel like one…whatever that means

So THERE ARE NO BLOGGING GURUS, Only experts and you can become one!




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