Tweetdeck and making twitter life easy

Everyone online is on twitter and uses it for various purposes. We all follow a lot of people. I have 60,000+ followers and follow 30,000+ people. This means that without desktop twitter clients I will go mad with twitter updates buzzing around everywhere. For the most part, the twitter client I have been using the last few years is TweetDeck. And now that you can handle multiple accounts on it and the fact they have a Phone app for both Droid and IOS, I don’t see any reason to use another twitter client. Let us look at tweetdeck today

What I love about TweetDeck is the way you can organize the people you follow into groups and then into columns.

With TweetDeck, I have two main columns/groups for organizing those I follow. I have a Group I-List and a Group Hot List. There is no way I could keep up with all of the people I follow without doing this. And lets be honest, I don’t try to follow the conversations taking place between over 30000 people on twitter. This does not mean I don’t interact with a lot of them however.

These two groups are people who I don’t want to miss what they say on twitter. And I also don’t want to miss it when they post a new blog post. Remember, I use twitter as one of my main RSS feeds and I put those I follow and who I want to read their blog post in one of these groups.

Tweetdeck has a lot of nifty features


  • Swifter navigation – Including the new column navigator and trackpad scrolling, enabling faster navigation and easier column reordering.
  • List management – Manage all aspects of your Twitter lists directly in the app.
  • Profile improvements – New Profile design, including support for header photos and an indicator when a user follows you.
  • Improved web support – Enhanced the performance of and added support for Firefox and Opera.
  • Deeper discovery and engagement – Gain more insight via the Interactions and Activity columns. Take action on Tweets wherever they appear in the app

All in all, a very efficient twitter stream manager, plus you can add Facebook, Linkedin and many other Social profiles to it and it comes with built in URL shortening and a lot of other useful features!

Final thoughts

There are other twitter desktop clients you can use. And I have tried most, if not all of them. I have found TweetDeck to work best for me. But keep in mind, what works for one person, may not work for another. That is why there are as many twitter clients as there are.

Leave you comments to this post and let me know what twitter desktop client you are using. Let’s keep the conversation going.



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