People who I will never add or follow on Social Media

I have been on Social Media for half a decade now and everyday teaches me a new thing. The main deal on Social Media is that you can add or follow a whole load of people and be informed on a variety of things. So the core of the excitement is the people you have in your networks. Having said that, I would like to tell you that there are a few sets of people who I will never add or follow . You may wonder why, let me explain this in detail today

I will start by pointing out what all I share on SM platforms, most of my updates are technical, general news related, humorous anecdotes or pictures. There are times when I share some mature and slightly NSFW quotes or images too. With that in mind, I need to be selective of who can see what I say and who cannot. That is how I decide who to add or follow

Coming to Facebook, Everyone’s on it — your parents, your siblings, your aunts and uncles, your neighbors, even your friendly Avon lady. All of them are your online friends and all of them can see your Facebook home page, your Facebook blog and your pictures if you have confirmed them as friends. It’s only on Facebook that you call your mother, friend.

Just a word of advice though. Not everyone who wants to add you as a Facebook friend should be confirmed as such. That’s why there are the “Confirm Friend” and “Ignore” buttons because the website gives you the freedom to choose who you would want to be friends on Facebook. It’s not that you discriminate, you know. You’re just exercising your free will.

And on twitter, start out by following people you already know (friends, co-workers, clients, customers and friends) and those you know of and respect.  President Obama, Guy Kawasaki, Oprah, you choose.  Follow experts in your industry. Search the Twitter stream for people using your keywords in their tweets.  Keep an eye out as you read blog posts and check email signature footers for the Twitter icon (sometimes a single lowercase “t”, sometimes a small bird) or an @name.  Check out their profiles and see if they are sharing helpful advice and suggestions.  Keep in mind that everyone you follow need not be directly related to your business or field.  Like networking in the real world, meeting people is not only about what they can do for you but also about what you can do for them. Or sometimes, just for the fun of it – a follow-worthy post may make you think, offer insights you hadn’t considered or just make you smile.

Come on, you can tell me. You’ve tried looking for your first love through the find friend on Facebook feature, haven’t you? It’s understandable how you would be so curious about their new life now, after what you had didn’t flourish into something more long-term. The thing is, I highly recommend not adding them or confirming their invitation to be new friends on Facebook. Why? Because every status update or picture they post, would always remind you of your failed past. No matter how cheesy it sounds, first love indeed never dies, and it never will as long as you see each other online.

Frenemy: friend enemy. A frenemy is basically someone you’re quite chummy with but due to some circumstances, either competition at work, some petty jealousy, office gossip, etc, you’re also wary of. You hate their guts but what can you do, there’s really not a concrete reason for you to confront them. And usually, the feeling is mutual. So do you need any more reason not to be friends with them on Facebook? The office frenemy would do everything to annoy you so they’ll post unnecessary comments on your status updates or wall and even if these comments may be innocent and well-meaning, you can’t help but get annoyed because well, you’re friends/enemies. So really, you’d rather save that spot for true friendships.

The nosy neighbor is someone who would purposely look for friends on facebook just to satisfy their bottomless appetite for news, gossip and what-have-yous. If you’re friends with this type of people, they would be privy to everything that’s going on with your life courtesy of your status updates and would never think twice about sharing this with others. They will even know your Facebook email! How scary does that sound? So rather than limiting your updates so you wouldn’t be the neighborhood’s breakfast talk, isn’t it an easier relief to just ignore the friend request?

And there are the following that I generally avoid adding on my personal SM networks

  1. Current Boss
  2. Current Sub-ordinates
  3. Current customers
  4. Competitors
  5. Nosy relatives (mostly in-laws!)

So who do you avoid? Tell me!


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