Android phone essentials

Android is the IN thing and offers the whole world in the form of customization and apps. People all over the world are finding innovative ways to make them more and more useful in supplementing your life and lifestyle. Whilst all this is good, this also puts the onus on us to keep the phone in a safe and sound mode. Here are a few essential steps to do that

Image Copyright Samsung

Image Copyright Samsung


When it comes to your smartphone, you don’t always know the power you’re holding. Your phone is basically a computer, and it has the same limitations and weaknesses as any other computer. Take the same basic precautions you would use with a Windows PC — which means, first of all, installing anti-virus software.

Make sure you check out apps carefully before you install them on your phone or tablet. Also, be careful downloading free games for your phone.

If you get urgent fake messages that your phone is virus-infected, these messages are bogus, and if you click and download, that will get your phone actually infected

When it comes to downloading and installing an app, even a popular one like “Angry Birds,” you have to make sure it’s coming from the right developer.

Fake or pirated apps have been found in both the official Google Play app store and “off-road” markets, and these copies of popular games and apps, which may be free or offered at seriously reduced price, often harbor malware.

“Many ask themselves, ‘Why should I update my device?’ The answer is quite simple: By keeping your operating system up-to-date, you will reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities,” said Sabrina M. Powers of SecureState, an information-security provider in Cleveland.

“Your Android device will usually prompt you when an update is available. Most Android updates are carried out ‘over-the-air.’ Therefore, it’s crucial that you are first hooked up to either your mobile network or Wi-Fi before initiating the update

“God forbid your device has been lost or stolen, what should you do? What if the thief attempts to gain access to those embarrassing pictures of you?” Powers said. “No need to panic — there’s an easy fix.

“By adding a remote-wipe feature, you can erase those humiliating pictures (and all other data) remotely before the phone thief gets his grubby hands on them,” Powers said. “Unlike Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad, Android devices do not natively incorporate features such as Remote Wipe and Backup.

“So instead choose third-party software from a reputable source designed to keep your data safely off your phone.”

Under no circumstances do any financial transactions on your phone, your credit-card data will travel over the air and can be compromised.

It may be more convenient to use your phone, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your credit-card numbers and bank accounts.

Using encryption to keep data secure is an essential part of using any machine. By adding encryption, you give your data security a fighting chance.Enable data encryption by tapping Settings -> Security -> Enable Encryption. By enabling this option, you make it difficult for someone to pull readable data from your phone if the device is lost or stolen

Use a passcode or pattern lock to protect your phone. If you’re choosing a numerical passcode, use more than the minimum four digits.

Instead, use something long and complicated and you will be rewarded with greater security. As always, choose your passcode or pattern wisely.

Remember that these are just a few and you can add many many more as you and your android device get to know each other well.


2 comments on “Android phone essentials

  1. Very informative, but I have a question, In the U.S, they are using swipe devices to handle credit cards with phones, are these safe to use with the phone? I would like to use these at an event, but do not want to compromise anyone’s credit card information. I would get the device from my bank, but have wondered if it is secure.

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