A list of useful android apps

I have received a lot of requests from my friends to do a post on my favorite and useful android apps.  The problem with such a post is that it would be an unending list and too long. But then, the idea is good. So I thought I will give it a shot today. Let us discuss this more today.

Before beginning the post here are a few points

  1. This is just a list of apps, I am NOT reviewing or describing Android apps
  2. These are the apps that I like and a lot of my friends do too, if I missed anything here, just comment on this post

Now the list


  • Amazon Kindle – Official Kindle e-book reader app from Amazon
  • Moon+ Reader – Versatile and highly customizable e-book reader
  • Goodreads – Official app for popular book recommendation site Goodreads


  • Quora – Official Quora app
  • Press – Beautiful Google Reader app
  • StumbleUpon – Official StumbleUpon app
  • Pocket Casts – Hands down the best podcast manager
  • Umano – News read to you (very new app so does not have large selection of news)


  • Songza – Free music playlist streaming according to your situation
  • Google Play Music – Streams your music collection

File Manager

  • File Manager – Holo 100% – Holo-themed file and application manager
  • ASTRO File Manager – Very popular and feature rich file manager


  • Pocket – The best way to save and view articles from the internet
  • Playboard – App finding app
  • MyScript Calculator – perform mathematical operations naturally using your handwriting
  • Detexify LaTeX Recognizer – Interactive LaTeX cheat sheet


  1. Any.DO* – Never forget anything again. The reminder app. UI/UX is 5 stars.
  2. Google Keep* – Damn you Google! Where had you this hidden? Never seen a better note taking app. Syncs amazingly with your Drive.
  3. Aldiko Book Reader* – It’s uh.. good. Does what a book reader should.
  4. Pulse News/Flipboard – I personally like Pulse better. Both do the same thing, so just pick your poison!


  1. 1Tap Cleaner – Cache/History/Log/Defaults cleaner.
  2. Memory Booster Lite – Better than Android Task Killer, any day. Use it with caution though.
  3. ASTRO File Manager* – Does more than what you need it for.
  4. Where’s My Droid – Haven’t had the need to use it thus far, but I *tried* it once and it works like a charm.
  5. Gmail – Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


  1. Poweramp Music Player – The interface is kinda dark, but it works really well and has a lot of options.
  2. MX Player* – Can’t see a better and lighter video player.
  3. Aviary – Good for quick photo editing. Use it quite often. Has a lot of filters, frames and sticker sets you can buy.
  4. Grooveshark – Yes! it’s finally here! I don’t think their app is available in the Play Store but you can grab it from their website for free.
  5. Podkicker – It’s UI is very, very basic; is a kick ass podcast player nonetheless.

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