Android Tablet Tricks

Many people keep attempting to optimize their android experience on their tablet and I am one of them. Over time I have learnt a few things. There are also things that my friends taught me on an android tablet. I thought it would be nice to share them with you on this nice lazy sunday afternoon. So here goes the post


Before beginning, let me tell you these are just a few and there are many many more out there, so if you know any, just leave a comment and I will share it with credit to you! Let us begin with the battery then!

To Save  Battery Life

Switch off GPS, WIFI Network Location positioning and Wi-Fi when you don’t need them. Go to Settings -> Location in order to disable the use of wireless networks for Location positioning.  Use dark wallpaper and decrease the screen brightness. The most important is to always monitor the battery usage of your apps on Settings -> About phone -> Battery -> Battery use. Make sure you keep closed all the major battery drainers. Additionally, I use Easy Battery Saver running on intelligent mode and it extends my battery to upto 2.0x times the normal duration.

Make Device Faster by Closing Background apps

The most of Android apps continue to run even after you close them.  It is a good thing that allows you to open the same app way much faster again, but it causes an extra usage of memory and battery power. The optimal decision is to check and close the running and unused apps. The easiest way for it is to: Press and hold the Home button to get the task running menu and press end to close running processes. Or you can try using the Android task killer app for instant app kill.

Optimize Your Typing

Typing special Character while holding the letter key for a longer period to activate the special symbols of the particular key.  Caps lock on and off function is simply activated by double clicking on Upper Case key – Shift key or arrow symbol. Turn off or on Auto Correct on Settings -> Language and Input.

Double Space Bar Trick

Save time at the end of a sentence don’t press the dot button – double tap the space bar instead and finish the sentence with dot and space altogether.

Emergency app Exit

We all know that android-based device stability and apps are likely to crash or freeze. If the app is not responding you can force it to shut down: Settings -> Device -> Select app and press Force to stop button.

Take a Screenshot, Cut, Copy and Paste

You can take an image of the whole android device screen by just simply pressing and holding the Power and Volume-down buttons simultaneously. Your tablet or phone will save an image in the Gallery app in the Screenshots album. To select and copy or cut text select a word and double tap it or hold on it for some time. You will get the selection menu and cut, copy, paste menu on top.  Navigate the selection and use function buttons above.

System Hard Reboot

If the system freezes or becomes unresponsive, you can reboot whole system:  press and hold down theVolume Up and Power button simultaneously. This tool works like magic if you forgot or lost your device unlock pattern. Then use this combination and reset factory settings. This will wipe the android tablet or phone but will let you turn on and use device again.

There goes my list of tricks, share a few of your tricks with me! Cheers!




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