My favorite android features

I have an android phone and a tablet. I will always be an android user. Why I like android is something I have already explained on this blog earlier. A few of my friends read that post and asked me to expand it into a list of android feature I like the most. And that post would list my favorite android features. So here goes.

Image Copyright Samsung

Image Copyright Samsung

Finally, a Better UI

I only bought my first smartphone just over a year ago, and it was from HTC running Sense over Android. Trust me when I say that the phone did not look nice, mainly due to its UI that was inconsistent, ugly and disobeyed most principles of good design, as well as having awful typography.

What a beautiful operating system…

That was on Froyo. Now, we’re onto Android 4.1, JellyBean, which looks a lot better on a number of levels. The typeface, Roboto, looks much better than its counterpart in any prior Android version, and the use of a single accent colour throughout really unifies the experience across apps and parts of the operating system.

Stock Android is much cleaner and more minimal than ever before, and this is reflected in a beautiful interface that is, admittedly, many times better than iOS. Even as a dedicated Apple user, I can admit that the UI of JellyBean and Windows 8/Phone 7 are miles ahead of the iPhone’s and iPad’s.

The Improving Ecosystem

For data, Google’s ecosystem of Gmail, Google Calendar, and so on, has been a viable competitor to iCloud, but hasn’t offered enough support for media like music and movies. But just while I was in the process of writing this article, Google came out with its consolidated media offering – Google Play!

I’m not sure why, but I’ve never found the Google ecosystem to be as straightforward as Apple’s. However, the steps Google are taking to consolidate its experience are great, and are producing improving results. It’s not quite there yet, but it looks like it’s closer.

Google Play is an important step forward for Android.

The Results

The results of Google’s work in JellyBean and Google Play are a much cleaner design and simpler experience, that’s more like Apple than many fanboys would want. When I was aFroyo Android user, I didn’t have a stock app that I could open up and just buy a movie on, for it to be also accessible on my computer and tablet. The iPhone, however, had iTunes – and that was a much more straightforward process. But now, Google Play has changed all that and how! Amazing!!

And with the stuff that I saw in Google I/O 2013, I am sure that this is just the beginning! Hop on!


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