Google Adds New Features To Its Analytics Dashboards

If you’re using Google Analytics, chances are you have already customized a dashboard for your specific needs. But now, when you develop a new dashboard that may be useful to others, you can share both the dashboard itself or a template for it with others in your profile. Sharing templates was previously available in Google Analytics, but as Google notes, being able to share the dashboard itself is a “nice complement” to this.


This new feature will roll out over the next few weeks. Once it’s enabled for your account, you will be able to find it in the “Share” menu. Shared dashboards will then appear in the navigation menu on the left side of Google Analytics.


What this enables, Google notes, is the ability to collaborate with your team on a single shared dashboard. This should make keeping tabs on analytics for large sites quite a bit easier, especially if you’re working on a larger team. It’ll also allow somebody on the analytics team to easily prepare a dashboard for the rest of the company.

As Google Analytics team member Matt Matyas notes in today’s announcement, “this marks another enhancement in Google Analytics asset sharing, complementing the sharing capabilities of assets like annotations, advanced segments and custom reports.” Additional sharing features, he says, are on the roadmap.

Earlier this year, it’s worth noting, Google also launched its Solution Gallery for Analytics dashboards, which allows users to select a number of pre-made dashboards, reports and advanced segments from a curated list and import them to their own accounts.


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