Empire Avenue rolls out Major changes today

Empire Avenue is all set to go through a major change today. Here is the Announcement on the EA forum


What to expect:
– Most users will see a drop in Daily Dividends (both what you pay out and what you receive) of about 10 – 15 % over the next two days. After that, Dividends should stabilize at a new, somewhat lower level. This is for Game economic reasons.

– Beyond this, most Dividend calculations for social networks have not changed much. Some networks, like Google+ and YouTube, will actually now contribute more than they used to.

– The one major change to note is in dividends from Empire Avenue activity:

When the Dividend system was designed, Empire Avenue Missions did not even exist. Missions are now a major part of the site, and the new Dividend system will reflect this. To maximize your EAV dividends, you will want to participate in Missions.

Most importantly for your dividends is the newly introduced ‘Rating’ system for Mission completers. Every time you complete a Mission, and the creator rates you ‘positive’, your Dividends per Share payout will increase. A ‘Negative’ rating will drop your payout. So, each time you complete a Mission, make sure you have fulfilled all the Mission requirements, and encourage the Mission creator to give you a positive rating!

Reminder: We also use the Mission rating system to identify ‘problem’ users who tend to take Missions and not fulfill the Mission requirements.

– The Market Makers that help determine your share price and Network Scores have been cleaned up, and many users may see a change in share price over the next two days as some numbers are recalculated. After that, further changes should be limited as they are averaged out over many days/weeks.

– Network Scores are long-term averages over a month or more, so you are unlikely to see significant changes immediately. You may however notice them ticking up or down a few points over the coming weeks.

– One significant difference in Share Price calculation is a limitation of the value of very high amounts of activity. This won’t affect most users much, but if for example you are one of the people who posts to Facebook 150 times a day, and receive very little engagement, this could negatively affect you.

– Earnings, the first, usually small number (usually a few hundred eaves, max) called ‘Earnings’ in your daily Notification/Digest, is being eliminated for now. It was so small as to be insignificant, compared to income from Dividends, Missions and users buying your shares.


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