Quantum dynamics comes to Minecraft

Google has partnered with Mojang and a team of prolific Minecraftmodders to create a mod that adds quantum physics to Minecraft.

The qCraft mod doesn’t aim to replicate quantum physics exactly, but it brings principles of it to life in Minecraft‘s blocky world.

“We’ve done our best to create something that we hope will be fun to experiment, build and play with while also introducing players to the fascinating and (in the context of the macro-world we inhabit) counterintuitive way that quantum entities interact,” the team behind the mod, which includes ComputerCraft’s Daniel Ratcliffe, says on its website.

Google’s Quantum AI Lab team, who also worked on the project, said in ablog post: “We built the Quantum AI Lab to explore the potential of quantum computing, and figure out what questions we should be asking. One question is clear: Where will future quantum computer scientists come from? Our best guess: Minecraft.”

When activated, the mod adds quantum ore to the world. When mined, the player collects quantum dust, that can be used to create essences of superposition, entanglement or observation. Each can then be applied to blocks to create quantum blocks – such as observer-dependent blocks, which change form depending on which side they’re viewed from.

“In addition to individual players, we hope that parents and educators who want to introduce quantum physics concepts to curious kids will find it useful,” the team said on its website.

You can download it right now, either as part of latest versions of theTechnic or FeedTheBeast modpacks or as a standalone mod.


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