A Post Graduate in Software Engineering with 16 + years of experience, I started my career as a Lab Administrator for a network of Unix Servers connected to numerous clients .Was predominantly the system and network administrator. I have exposure to both application and systems programming .My most proficient skills are Build and Release Management, Team Management and Program Management, Project Management from a services delivery perspective. I have proficiency in Build/Release and support of Clearcase, a popular and widely used SCM tool. I have also independently handled service delivery and offshoring for many complex IT implementation projects . My primary expertise is in IT Infrastructure .The domains that I have worked on include

  • Banking
  • Internet Technologies (protocol to application level)
  • Life Insurance
  • Network Management
  • Network Simulation
  • Telecom Middleware
  • SDLC Process Auditing and Streamlining
  • SCM and Release process management
  • Networking Middleware Deployment
  • IT Management

I have managed global teams in complicated projects. I have an innate ability to communicate well and motivate people to perform as a team. My responsibilities as a Manager included IT Operations management, SCM and Release Strategy, Branching Strategy and Integration of defect tracking and SCM systems, Technology Implementation, Infosec Implementation, Technical and Career roadmap for the reportees, MIS Reporting, Metrics collection and Analysis.

Some of the key clients that I worked for are Citicorp, Cisco Systems , Texas Instruments, Philips Software , Intel and Sasken

Some of my specialties are

– Define scope and deliverable cycle
– Take responsibility for the integrity of the solution
– Committed to Excel, and exceed expectations
– Ensure effective client engagement and stakeholder management
– Ensure risk management plans are in place for assignment
– Implement Enterprise Project Management
– Strategize Program Management
– Virtualize IT Management
– Build and Release Management
– Open Source Computing
– Delivery Management
– Offshore Engagement Management


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  1. Hey Shakthi, I think your blog is really cool and I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please check my blog for the award details. There are some good rewards if you accept the award and some really really bad consequences if you don’t 😉

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