Auditing for the social networks


I’ve had clients ask me to set up LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts for them because they’ve heard that they’re ‘nice to have’. I also know of digital agencies who fuel this mentality, promising clients number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

The thing about social media activity is, it doesn’t mean a lot without a good strategy and a good context for that strategy.

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Twelve Key Social Media Deliverables

It’s time for all digital branding and marketing agencies to take an honest look at Social Media.

Looking back over the last few years it is clear that many marketing agencies are still doing Social Media ineffectively not only for their clients, but for themselves as well. Social Media is still suffering from the “hot new thing” syndrome. Clients needs it, agencies say they can do it, but neither know why they are being social or how it plugs into the business side of things. This is dangerous, and we are witnessing the fall out when the client recognizes they are not seeing the ROI.

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5 Creative Ways To Use LinkedIn

I’m not going to pretend that you have no idea that most people use LinkedIn for networking and job hunting. But if you think that’s all the “professional” social network is good for, you’re missing the boat.

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Increasing klout score : what I learned

Klout assigns people a score of between 1 and 100–with 1 being someone who’s never seen social media, and 100 being Justin Bieber. The average person has a score of 20; anything higher means that you’re at least moderately influential in your area of expertise. Everyone with an active Twitter account has a Klout score, though they can opt out of the system if they wish.

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Can Social Media ROI be calculated?

Much like any form of marketing there are aspects that can be measured and others that might require more guesswork. While the exact calculations may not be entirely accurate, avoid hiring any agency, consultant, or employee claiming that ROI measurement is impossible. Let us see more about this today

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How long can you stay offline?

Recently I asked myself this question. And the answer was surprising to discover! But why did I go offline? There was an unpleasant incident and I wanted to unwind. Hence I went offline. But then after a while I decided to make it a study. And that lead to a lot of new things that I learnt. Let us discuss this today

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Throw away the dictionary, let us measure social media!

There we are! We have started on Social Media and run for some time. We know the ropes, we have met the right people and made the right noises. We are now ready to see where we stand and how effective we have been. And that is where we need to throw the dictionary away. Yes we do! There are many people who take the dictionary seriously and end up measuring the wrong the thing at the right place. So, away with it! And then start measuring!

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People who I will never add or follow on Social Media

I have been on Social Media for half a decade now and everyday teaches me a new thing. The main deal on Social Media is that you can add or follow a whole load of people and be informed on a variety of things. So the core of the excitement is the people you have in your networks. Having said that, I would like to tell you that there are a few sets of people who I will never add or follow . You may wonder why, let me explain this in detail today

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