Google testing search-friendly tabs in Chrome and Chrome OS


Google has been testing search-enabled tabs in Chrome since December, but you’ve had to run test versions of the browser to see those tabs in action. That changes today: the company is expanding its trials to include a small number of users running stable copies of Chrome and Chrome OS. If you’re part of that exclusive group and use Google as your default search engine, you’ll see a search box appear in every new tab. The page also supports other providers through a developer API. While Google doesn’t say if or when the new search feature will reach every Chrome user, it notes that previous tests have been “encouraging” — don’t be surprised if your tabs get the same treatment in the near future.


How gamers might use Google Glass

It seems like every day there’s a new Google Glass app aimed at showcasing the potential of the wearable computing device. The latest is from developer BrickSimple, who has released an app that explores one of the most important components of mobile: gaming.

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SendGrid faces off with MailChimp

SendGrid made its name connecting people with their web apps via “transactional emails” —  sales confirmations, invoices, opt-in/opt-out messages. If you use Foursquare or Pinterest or Airbnb, you are also using SendGrid, probably without realizing it. Now the Boulder, Colo. company is branching out into email marketing where it will run smack-dab into MailChimp, which sends out tens of billions of emails, typically newsletters or other targeted pitches — on behalf of businesses to their customers.

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One API To Rule Them All –, a Y Combinator-backed startup making it easier for developers to integrate APIs from multiple analytics providers into their applications, is today expanding its service to include support for mobile. The company is introducing mobile software development kits for both iOS and Android, which will allow developers to toggle on or off 25 different analytics services without resubmitting their apps to the various app stores.

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