iOS Vs. Android And Windows Phone Vs. The Rest

It’s Smartphone Platform Market Share Day, meaning that your local nerds are atwitter about the latest figures: Android’s continuing massive growth, the slowing of iOS’s year-over-year unit volume expansion, and curiously, today, if Windows Phone’s numbers matter.

You see, Windows Phone posted the highest year-over-year unit volume increase, according to IDC, clocking in with a second quarter of 2012 to second quarter of 2013 gain of 77.6 percent. The simple kicker to that growth rate is that Windows Phone as a platform is exceptionally small compared to Android, which posted a 73.5 percent unit volume gain in the same period.

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Microsoft beefs up Windows Phone voice technology

But smartphone buyers may be less interested in Deep Neural Networks, and more keen to know whether Windows Phone 8 has their favourite apps

Windows Phone’s voice recognition technology is now faster

What is NFC?

BlackBerry Secure Work Space Now on iOS and Android

BlackBerry continues its new focus on services, as it has announced the launch of Secure Work Space, their new solution built on its BlackBerry Enterprise Service. Secure Work Space is compatible with Apple’s iPad and iPhone, as well as Android devices.

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BlackBerry Z10 gets a very ‘critical’ security warning

BlackBerry has issued a security advisory notice to those who have bought its flagship Z10 touchscreen smartphone — the first BlackBerry 10 device to launch following the company’s bid for revival, back in February.

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What does Google know about me?

Today the world is online and rarely we see anyone who is offline. This puts a lot of information at our command. But most of us forget that the information exchange is mutual and two way in most cases. There are many facets of this complicated equation that we often ignore or forget. Privacy is a thing of the past, we are losing it in pieces to various websites every passing day. The biggest collector and holder of this information is Google. And you will be surprised how much Google knows about you. We will discuss this today.

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