Google Analytics and Engagement

Are visitors to your blog really engaged in your content?

Is your ‘bounce’ rate an accurate reflection of how engaging your blog is?

In this article we outline some statistics you should consider monitoring to understand how engaging your blog is.

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Google Glass : a slew of intriguing new features


Google Glass wearers were treated to some new features with  XE10 update, but what’s hiding under the hood might be even more promising. Android Police posted their APK teardown earlier today, and their findings are nothing if not intriguing. Among the features that may be on the horizon are a handful of new commands hidden in the GlassVoice APK, like the ability to succinctly ask Glass to call you a car, schedule an event, create a 3D model, translate phrases and start a round of golf. Even more interesting are the possibilities presented by potential music playback and gaze integration. Indeed, the files buried in the Gaze folder — which include double blink detection — may signal that eye control is one step closer to becoming a reality. You can find the full teardown at the source link below.

Auditing for the social networks


I’ve had clients ask me to set up LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts for them because they’ve heard that they’re ‘nice to have’. I also know of digital agencies who fuel this mentality, promising clients number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

The thing about social media activity is, it doesn’t mean a lot without a good strategy and a good context for that strategy.

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6 Customer experience mistakes

Over the months, this blog has featured a lot of lists of best practices and tips. This post is going to be a bit different. There’s nothing better than learning from experience, and this time we’d like to learn from Netflix’ bad experience when it mishandled  attempts to change its offering and rates.

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Clearly through a Cloud

Computing used to be neatly bundled up in products that you could buy; today it’s increasingly being sold as a service. Computation, software, access to data and storage are all being sold as services where the consumer doesn’t physically own the being used, or where it is actually located.

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PayPal lets you pay with your face

UK consumers can now leave their wallets at home and pay using nothing more than their phones and faces thanks to PayPal’s “check in” app — at certain outlets.

The app works across iOS, Android and Windows Phone and highlights businesses nearby that let customers pay by PayPal. You can link your PayPal account to your bank account, debit or credit card, so that you don’t have to worry about being in credit in order to make payments.

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Twelve Key Social Media Deliverables

It’s time for all digital branding and marketing agencies to take an honest look at Social Media.

Looking back over the last few years it is clear that many marketing agencies are still doing Social Media ineffectively not only for their clients, but for themselves as well. Social Media is still suffering from the “hot new thing” syndrome. Clients needs it, agencies say they can do it, but neither know why they are being social or how it plugs into the business side of things. This is dangerous, and we are witnessing the fall out when the client recognizes they are not seeing the ROI.

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Top 7 things Telcos don’t tell you

Making a wise choice when it comes to voice and data providers can be a daunting task.  And no matter how careful you are, there always seems to be some fluke that make the experience less than smooth.  While Telcos probably don’t set out to withhold information from customers, it is often the case that valuable information is either not communicated clearly or omitted for the sake of time and confusion.  Either way, it can be very frustrating to find these things out after the fact.

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Questions for the cloud

Everyone is moving to the cloud now and everyone is asking everyone else to move also. On one side this is good. There is also a flip side to this. The eagerness is fine but the due diligence is a must and not many people are doing it. Here are a few questions that you need to ask before getting on to the cloud

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Throw away the dictionary, let us measure social media!

There we are! We have started on Social Media and run for some time. We know the ropes, we have met the right people and made the right noises. We are now ready to see where we stand and how effective we have been. And that is where we need to throw the dictionary away. Yes we do! There are many people who take the dictionary seriously and end up measuring the wrong the thing at the right place. So, away with it! And then start measuring!

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