Mozilla launches Firefox 22

Mozilla has released a new version of its Firefox Web browser  that offers support for 3D gaming, video calls, and file sharing. With these integrations, developers will be better able to develop apps that run within the browser without requiring plugins or third-party software to be installed.

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Tweetdeck and making twitter life easy

Everyone online is on twitter and uses it for various purposes. We all follow a lot of people. I have 60,000+ followers and follow 30,000+ people. This means that without desktop twitter clients I will go mad with twitter updates buzzing around everywhere. For the most part, the twitter client I have been using the last few years is TweetDeck. And now that you can handle multiple accounts on it and the fact they have a Phone app for both Droid and IOS, I don’t see any reason to use another twitter client. Let us look at tweetdeck today

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Why I will never change from Android to Apple for my smart phone

I have always had and will always have an android based smart phone and tablet. Don’t get me wrong here! I do not hate Apple, I am not a genetic iHater! I have my own reasons for saying this and all of them are logical, some of them technical and a few of them personal. Read on if you want to know why

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