Instagram Video Vs. Vine

Instagram just launched video functionality. Glorious, 15-second, editable video functionality. Complete with image stabilization.

So what does this mean for Vine? In the end, the competition should give users plenty to be excited about, whether you’re a Vine loyalist or an Instagrammaholic. And both apps will likely continue to thrive, as I’ve stated a few times already. Where Instagram’s user base is mostly made up of people documenting their feet, coffees, and pets, Vine has attracted a group of users who are pleased by the challenges set forth in the app.

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Download Google Now backgrounds

If you’re like me and you really enjoy the clean art style of the Google Now background images you see popping up, you’ve probably wondered where you can get some of that stuff as a wallpaper. Well, the sly sleuths of Reddit have tracked down the man responsible for helping create those backgrounds, and the wallpapers are sitting on his Flickr account for all the world to sink their teeth into.

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Photo Sharing on Social Networks

Everyone likes to see nice photos and share them. Like everything online, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you do that. That being said, photo sharing improves your influence scores dramatically. It is a confusing thing, you want to and have to do it, but there are reasons to not do it. So how do we do it correctly? Let us discuss this today Continue reading