Google Glass : a slew of intriguing new features


Google Glass wearers were treated to some new features with  XE10 update, but what’s hiding under the hood might be even more promising. Android Police posted their APK teardown earlier today, and their findings are nothing if not intriguing. Among the features that may be on the horizon are a handful of new commands hidden in the GlassVoice APK, like the ability to succinctly ask Glass to call you a car, schedule an event, create a 3D model, translate phrases and start a round of golf. Even more interesting are the possibilities presented by potential music playback and gaze integration. Indeed, the files buried in the Gaze folder — which include double blink detection — may signal that eye control is one step closer to becoming a reality. You can find the full teardown at the source link below.


How Google Glass can evolve as a tool for journalists

This is a  post by Sarah Hill, the Chief Digital Storyteller for Veterans United Home Loans. She is Hangout Host for its veteran and military issues news hub,Veterans United Network. She is also known as the first journalist to use a Google+ Hangout in a television newscast. You can connect with Sarah on Google+, or chat with her onTwitter.

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You can’t hide in the dark from Google Glass any more

If you thought you could slip into the shadows and go unnoticed by someone wearing Google Glass, it’s not going to happen. Google is pushing a software update to Glass devices to improve the camera in low light. The new feature automatically detects a low-light situation and compensates to get a more detailed, brighter picture.

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Why am I worried about Google Glass?

Everyone is getting ready to say “ok glass” and I am not all that excited by the prospect! You may think that I am anti-google but I am not! I am a hardcore android fan and Google is my fav company. But I am not at all convinced that Google Glass is something that we need now. Wearable computing is a radical leap forward and as a society I do not believe we are ready for it. There are many reasons for it. Let me explain in detail. Continue reading