Twelve Key Social Media Deliverables

It’s time for all digital branding and marketing agencies to take an honest look at Social Media.

Looking back over the last few years it is clear that many marketing agencies are still doing Social Media ineffectively not only for their clients, but for themselves as well. Social Media is still suffering from the “hot new thing” syndrome. Clients needs it, agencies say they can do it, but neither know why they are being social or how it plugs into the business side of things. This is dangerous, and we are witnessing the fall out when the client recognizes they are not seeing the ROI.

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Throw away the dictionary, let us measure social media!

There we are! We have started on Social Media and run for some time. We know the ropes, we have met the right people and made the right noises. We are now ready to see where we stand and how effective we have been. And that is where we need to throw the dictionary away. Yes we do! There are many people who take the dictionary seriously and end up measuring the wrong the thing at the right place. So, away with it! And then start measuring!

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Niche Blogging or Just Blogging?

Many people take to blogging with great passion and are in a huge rush to set up an online presence and then grow it into a brand. From there they are all keen to be called “A-List” bloggers. They want people swearing by their blogging and they want Google and every other search engine to take note of their blog and serve it up in the first page of results. They want all this, but most of them are confused about whether their blog should be a niche blog that focuses on a particular area or just a blog where everything goes. The answer to this holds the key to your blogging success. Let us see whether Niche is good or just to stay general

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