EverDock, a slick universal dock for smartphones and tablets

Fuz Design’s EverDock lets you dock all kinds of devices, and it looks good while doing it. The Kickstarter project, which wraps up on Thursday, has an attractive aluminum design that matches Apple’s aesthetics.

The dock will come in single and double versions and is fitted for Lightning, 30-pin dock and micro-USB connectors. It includes silicone protectors if you’re using your device bare, or you can take the pads off if you have a case.

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Nokia Windows RT tablet


Nokia’s rumored Windows RT tablet is supposedly nearing launch, and The Verge claims to have more details of the slate beyond those tidbits that surfaced at Digi-Wo last month. Nicknamed Sirius, the finished design is believed to resemble a Lumia phone and weigh significantly less than the current iPad. Despite packing a Snapdragon 800, an outdoor-ready 1080p screen and LTE, the tablet would last a healthy 10 hours on battery. It would also include both 6-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras, and Nokia may complement the previously mentioned 32GB of storage with a microSD card slot. Pricing would be competitive with the iPad, according to tipsters. While there’s no way to verify the new rumors, the Sirius may launch at a September 26th event; if it’s real, we’ll find out soon enough.

Apple implies likely iPhone launch(es) by late September

An analysis of Apple’s Q4 guidance by BTIG’s Walter Piecyk suggests that the company will launch new products in Q4, which ends on 28 September.

We don’t think that Apple can hit its newly issued revenue guidance for the September quarter unless it launches new products. After delivering $35 billion in revenue in the June quarter, management guided to $34-$37 billion next quarter. Revenue would more typically drop multiple billions if the company had no new products planned.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 review

The 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is the latest example of the company’s weird pricing decisions. At $300, the Tab 3 is expensive for a small tablet that — aside from its 1.5GB of RAM — has fairly modest specs and hardware features.

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How Apple Gets All the Good Applications

Apple tightly controls its software and hardware, and is fiercely competitive in battling its rivals, especially in the mobile market. And yet, while the company never creates apps for anyone else’s mobile system or device, each of its major mobile-platform foes — Google, Amazon and Microsoft — make many of their apps available for Apple devices. That makes those devices the sort of Switzerlands of the mobile world.

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Best Google Reader alternatives

When I heard Google was planning to kill Google Reader on July 1st as part of a “spring cleaning exercise,” I was appalled. Google had decided to disband the team of paperboys that delivered me the news every morning. While RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is years past its heyday, it had become a wonderful and efficient way to read news untarnished by the social networking age. It was my firehose of headlines, straight from the source.

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The Productivity Software scene : Mobile is killing MS?

As Microsoft struggles to bring its lucrative Office franchise to Android, iPhone and iPad, investors and developers are seizing the opportunity to create business and productivity software optimized for the new era of mobile computing.


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My favorite android features

I have an android phone and a tablet. I will always be an android user. Why I like android is something I have already explained on this blog earlier. A few of my friends read that post and asked me to expand it into a list of android feature I like the most. And that post would list my favorite android features. So here goes.

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Android phone essentials

Android is the IN thing and offers the whole world in the form of customization and apps. People all over the world are finding innovative ways to make them more and more useful in supplementing your life and lifestyle. Whilst all this is good, this also puts the onus on us to keep the phone in a safe and sound mode. Here are a few essential steps to do that

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