Twitter tips to maintain your credibility

When it comes to breaking news, take your time to ensure your Twitter sources and their sources are credible because as the Boston marathon tweets revealed, it was credible sources that propagated the misinformation. Over 6,000 malicious Twitter user accounts were created during the Boston events and later suspended by Twitter. Creation of these negative Twitter profiles surged right after the blasts. Analysis of the interactions among the suspended profiles revealed a closed community structure. (To put this in context, roughly 4% of Twitter accounts are fake.) Here are 5 Actionable Twitter Tips to help you maintain your credibility on twitter.

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Auditing for the social networks


I’ve had clients ask me to set up LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts for them because they’ve heard that they’re ‘nice to have’. I also know of digital agencies who fuel this mentality, promising clients number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

The thing about social media activity is, it doesn’t mean a lot without a good strategy and a good context for that strategy.

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Buffer Adds Custom Social Media Scheduling

Buffer launched 2.5 years ago will a simple but clever idea: an app that makes it easy to automatically schedule social media updates so that they are not only spread throughout the day — thus reducing noise — but will be published at the most optimum times, increasingly the likelihood that they’ll actually be seen.

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Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter And Others Ask NSA For More Transparency

The tech titans are part of a group of 63 signatories of a letter asking for more transparency regarding security-related surveillance requests. Tech firms and civil liberties groups are behind the publication of a letter today which asks the U.S. government for more openness regarding communications surveillance, and suggests that it compiles a transparency report on their surveillance tactics.

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5 Creative Ways To Use LinkedIn

I’m not going to pretend that you have no idea that most people use LinkedIn for networking and job hunting. But if you think that’s all the “professional” social network is good for, you’re missing the boat.

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Increasing klout score : what I learned

Klout assigns people a score of between 1 and 100–with 1 being someone who’s never seen social media, and 100 being Justin Bieber. The average person has a score of 20; anything higher means that you’re at least moderately influential in your area of expertise. Everyone with an active Twitter account has a Klout score, though they can opt out of the system if they wish.

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How to be careful on Social Media

Social Media is HUGE and it is where everything is happening now. Everyone is on and if you are not there then you are square. That is nice, but remember, Social Media is just like any other group of people and that means that you have the good, the bad and the ugly all there. So we need to weigh what we say and there are things that are not said at all. It is imperative that we be aware of them. So I thought that today I will tell you the things that I will NEVER EVER share on Social Media and remember, like all my lists, it is more of an adaptive general guideline and everyone has their own golden list. So here we go.And yes, there was an earlier similar post on this blog, after which people started asking me to write more about it, hence this post

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Tweetdeck and making twitter life easy

Everyone online is on twitter and uses it for various purposes. We all follow a lot of people. I have 60,000+ followers and follow 30,000+ people. This means that without desktop twitter clients I will go mad with twitter updates buzzing around everywhere. For the most part, the twitter client I have been using the last few years is TweetDeck. And now that you can handle multiple accounts on it and the fact they have a Phone app for both Droid and IOS, I don’t see any reason to use another twitter client. Let us look at tweetdeck today

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Things to put on a twitter landing page

Twitter has been proven to be a brilliant tool to drive traffic to your blog. And it is now a de-facto norm for all blogs to have a twitter landing page. This page is slightly different from all the other pages in your blog. This is an incoming access point to your twitter followers and hence needs to have a few things that other pages do not. Many of my friends keep asking me if there is a formula to it and the answer is no. It is more of a general guideline. And over the last four years on twitter, here are a few things that I have learned to put on a twitter landing page.

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