Mobile strategies that aren’t just gimmicks

The previous year saw a massive surge in ownership of smartphones and tablets in the US market. The Indian scenario is set to follow suit with smartphones available at lower and lower price points all the time and growth expected to double in 2012. So the medium is viable; but how is it being used?

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The secret to a faster mobile experience

Companies moving into enterprise mobility for the first time often make the mistake of thinking of the mobile platform as “just like the desktop, only smaller.” There are substantial differences between the mobile and the desktop environment. The biggest difference is in communications. The always-on, high-bandwidth communication we have grown accustomed to on our desktops has ushered in an era of thin clients with lots of functionality. Mobile platforms must work in a world of spotty communications — not always available and often very low-bandwidth.

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Mobile Manners & Madness

From loud talkers, to people who answer their cell phone while you’re in mid-sentence, there are a number of mobile phone pet peeves that are getting under people’s skin. Microsoft’s Safer Online Facebook poll asked their social media fans; What do they find most annoying about the way people use their mobile phone? Have their ever…and, who is safer?
Here’s what they told us;

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BYOD: Boon or Bane?

The new buzz at the workspace is BYOD. It stands for Bring Your Own Device. And this is changing the way people work and enterprises get work done. What this means is, when you join an company, they do not give you a lappy or a PC to work with. You get to bring your own device, a lappy, PC or as it is the case more often, your own tablet or smartphone. This is a good trend. But like everything else, there are pros and cons to it. Let us look at this today.
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