Hisense budget tablets start at $99

Getting a tablet’s no longer an “if” question for some people — it’s a question of how much. The bar’s getting even lower now that Hisense has announced its Walmart-exclusive line of tablets: the Sero 7 LT and Pro. These tablets aren’t about being innovative. They’re about being cheaper. But Hisense promises that screen brightness and battery life on the Sero 7 are better than average, too. That remains to be seen. Each tablet is Google Certified and features Hisense’s smart remote software, which allows them to function with Hisense TVs in some capacity over a local network (it’s software, not an IR blaster).

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S4 and HTC One Google Editions out now

Versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One running a stock version of Android are now on sale — but it seems that both phones will have to wait a little longer than Nexus devices to get new versions of Android.

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Google Nexus 4 hits India

For an Android experience at its purest, look no further than Google’s latest flagship device, the sleek, undulated Nexus 4 from LG. Navigating your world, with this incredible device in hand is sure to become all the simpler thanks to all the cool features it’s been packed with. The much-awaited Nexus 4 will cater to the smartphone geek’s every fantasy, with cutting edge graphics, an HD display and a lightning-fast processor, suited to make the everyday little more exciting.

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