Samsung Galaxy S5 – Reactions

After a prolonged introduction from the Barcelona Opera House’s chamber orchestra, Samsung launched its latest smartphone, the S5, to a packed crowd at the Mobile World Congress.The company said it had “decided to go back to basics” with its latest device, and indeed, there were few surprises.

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2.4B Devices Shipped In 2013, Driven By Android Smartphones, Tablets

Gartner  has released its latest figures charting its overall predictions for how IT devices — from PCs to mobile handsets — are going to perform this year and in 2014. As in years before, numbers will continue to climb: in 2013, total shipments will rise 5.9% to 2.35 billion, and will rise again in 2014 to 2.5 billion units, driven by portable, often less expensive, but just as powerful mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android will account for just over one-third of all devices this year, and nearly half in 2014. It’s an Android world after all.

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The Productivity Software scene : Mobile is killing MS?

As Microsoft struggles to bring its lucrative Office franchise to Android, iPhone and iPad, investors and developers are seizing the opportunity to create business and productivity software optimized for the new era of mobile computing.


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“IT in a Box” – HP and Google Team Up for Small Businesses

Tech giants Hewlett-Packard and Google just announced a plan in which they will join forces under the banner of Google Apps.HP has become a Google Apps reseller and will package management tools with its PCs, printers and other IT gear. One extra thing that HP brings to the table is some management software that will simplify setup.

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Common Windows 8 complaints

Microsoft is preparing an update to Windows 8 for release later this year. It says the changes are designed to address complaints and confusion with the new operating system. Windows 8 is the most radical overhaul of Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 95 came out nearly two decades ago. It was revamped to embrace the types of touch-screen controls popular on smartphones and tablet computers, devices that are siphoning sales from the desktop and laptop PCs that have been Microsoft’s traditional stronghold. Windows 8 was released with much fanfare in October, but got a lukewarm reception from consumers. Part of the problem is that Windows 8 tries to be all things to all people. It’s designed to respond to touch-screen controls, but it also works with traditional mouse and keyboard commands. It offers a new layout that resembles tablet computers, but it also has a desktop mode that looks like previous versions of Windows. What results is confusion.

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How hackers attack webcams

Most hackers utilize so-called Trojan horse attacks. You click on an attachment or download a piece of music or video infected with malware, and a hacker is able to remotely control your PC’s functions.Imagine the world getting to see what you are doing without you realizing this. There are many educated and experienced folks who overlook securing their webcam. The webcam which is otherwise a wonderful tool can become the source of a global embarrassment to you.

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Protecting your wordpress site from brute force attacks

If you have a wordpress site. By a wordpress site, I mean a self hosted wordpress site, you must have heard that a lot of brute force attacks being initiated against wordpress sites off late and many sites are affected by this.For those that don’t know, a brute force attack is where an attempt is made to access a secure area of a website, in this case the admin area of WordPress, by trying combinations of usernames and passwords multiple times until they find one that works.

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Why I haven’t moved to Windows 8

I am a long time Windows user and swear by the OS. By long time, I mean atleast a decade and a half. I love Windows and am at my productive best when I am using it. Having said that, I want you to know that I have not yet moved my PC and Lappy to Win 8 and do not intend to. And almost all my like minded friends are doing the same. Why is this happening? Let me tell you Continue reading

BYOD: Boon or Bane?

The new buzz at the workspace is BYOD. It stands for Bring Your Own Device. And this is changing the way people work and enterprises get work done. What this means is, when you join an company, they do not give you a lappy or a PC to work with. You get to bring your own device, a lappy, PC or as it is the case more often, your own tablet or smartphone. This is a good trend. But like everything else, there are pros and cons to it. Let us look at this today.
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What I want from my smartphone

Smartphones are in and feature phones are out. What is a smartphone? Well, it is a phone that is smart! Meaning it can do many things for you easily on top of making phone calls and managing a contacts list. With that change, the biggest loss has been to Nokia in terms of market share loss. The company was ruling the roost in the mobile handset arena and is now left playing catch with Apple and Samsung. So the smartphones have changed a lot of things. So what do I want from my smartphone? Let me tell you! Continue reading