Google App Engine just for your busy application: Dedicated memcache

If you’re a developer needing fast query performance for your applications, Google App Engine now has a deal for you. The just-released GAE 1.8.2 version includes a preview of dedicated memcache for just that sort of use case.

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Google Adds New Features To Its Analytics Dashboards

If you’re using Google Analytics, chances are you have already customized a dashboard for your specific needs. But now, when you develop a new dashboard that may be useful to others, you can share both the dashboard itself or a template for it with others in your profile. Sharing templates was previously available in Google Analytics, but as Google notes, being able to share the dashboard itself is a “nice complement” to this.

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What does Google know about me?

Today the world is online and rarely we see anyone who is offline. This puts a lot of information at our command. But most of us forget that the information exchange is mutual and two way in most cases. There are many facets of this complicated equation that we often ignore or forget. Privacy is a thing of the past, we are losing it in pieces to various websites every passing day. The biggest collector and holder of this information is Google. And you will be surprised how much Google knows about you. We will discuss this today.

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Why am I worried about Google Glass?

Everyone is getting ready to say “ok glass” and I am not all that excited by the prospect! You may think that I am anti-google but I am not! I am a hardcore android fan and Google is my fav company. But I am not at all convinced that Google Glass is something that we need now. Wearable computing is a radical leap forward and as a society I do not believe we are ready for it. There are many reasons for it. Let me explain in detail. Continue reading