Twitter tips to maintain your credibility

When it comes to breaking news, take your time to ensure your Twitter sources and their sources are credible because as the Boston marathon tweets revealed, it was credible sources that propagated the misinformation. Over 6,000 malicious Twitter user accounts were created during the Boston events and later suspended by Twitter. Creation of these negative Twitter profiles surged right after the blasts. Analysis of the interactions among the suspended profiles revealed a closed community structure. (To put this in context, roughly 4% of Twitter accounts are fake.) Here are 5 Actionable Twitter Tips to help you maintain your credibility on twitter.

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Auditing for the social networks


I’ve had clients ask me to set up LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts for them because they’ve heard that they’re ‘nice to have’. I also know of digital agencies who fuel this mentality, promising clients number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

The thing about social media activity is, it doesn’t mean a lot without a good strategy and a good context for that strategy.

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Facebook developing social reader

Last week’s big Facebook media event was initially tipped to see a ‘Facebook Reader’ product launched, but instead it saw video introduced to Instagram. However, there’s no smoke without fire and it seems that the company is indeed working on a Reader of its own, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

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The follower to following ratio – is there a guideline?

Most people on twitter are on it to get more followers. They have specific numbers in mind and have clear plans to execute to get there. Different folks follow different strokes! But there is one question that people keep asking me time and again. Is there an ideal follower to following ratio? Let us look at that in this post

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People who I will never add or follow on Social Media

I have been on Social Media for half a decade now and everyday teaches me a new thing. The main deal on Social Media is that you can add or follow a whole load of people and be informed on a variety of things. So the core of the excitement is the people you have in your networks. Having said that, I would like to tell you that there are a few sets of people who I will never add or follow . You may wonder why, let me explain this in detail today

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How to behave when clients are following you on twitter

Do you communicate with your clients and/or customers when they come into your business or offices? Obviously yes! And how do you behave then? There are rules and boundaries for that right? The situation is pretty much the same when it comes to them following you on twitter. You can never be too careful, at the same time, they should not feel alienated or patronized and further you do not want to show them your bad side online. Let us look at this in detail
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Can I use twitter for R&D?

There are many uses to twitter. There are many users on twitter. These two sentences put together makes twitter an amazing tool at the hands of a blogger, business owner or professional service firm. Twitter is a landmine of information for statistical extrapolation and data mining and analysis of sentiment. But, can I use twitter for R&D? Let us see

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Twitter Unfollows: should you worry?

Anybody on twitter gets followed and unfollowed all the time. But some of us get very upset when someone unfollows us. We take it personally and I have seen people brood over it, like a break up happened! It has happened to all of us. We post some good tweets, at least we think they are. Or we send some good links to twitter. And what happens, we get a few unfollows. Even worse, you use one of those stupid twitter tools to see who has unfollowed you and it gives you the post they left on. Dumb idea by the way.

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More about Twitter #hashtags

I am sure that everyone on twitter has noticed hashtags on twitter. The recent news is that even Facebook is trying to implement it’s own version of hashtags. In fact, after the advent of twitter, I see hashtags everywhere, on TV, at the movies, everywhere! This is taking people’s fancy. So I decided that we need to have a post about this here too. Let us talk about hashtags today.

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