Samsung Galaxy S5 – Reactions

After a prolonged introduction from the Barcelona Opera House’s chamber orchestra, Samsung launched its latest smartphone, the S5, to a packed crowd at the Mobile World Congress.The company said it had “decided to go back to basics” with its latest device, and indeed, there were few surprises.

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Twitter Unfollows: should you worry?

Anybody on twitter gets followed and unfollowed all the time. But some of us get very upset when someone unfollows us. We take it personally and I have seen people brood over it, like a break up happened! It has happened to all of us. We post some good tweets, at least we think they are. Or we send some good links to twitter. And what happens, we get a few unfollows. Even worse, you use one of those stupid twitter tools to see who has unfollowed you and it gives you the post they left on. Dumb idea by the way.

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A few things that you need to remember when creating a twitter account

Everyone has a twitter account now. And If you do not have one, this is a good time to create one. And when you want to do that, remember that this is something that you need to do correctly and carefully. You account and your twitter page are the two things that people look at hard when they decide whether or not to follow you. So are there important things to remember? Yes there are and here they are

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Explaining twitter to my son

“Dad, what is twitter?” a seemingly small question. Coming from my 10 year old son. And then began the most fascinating conversation that we ever had till date. It was a huge challenge. Initially I told him that I needed a day to get back to him so that I could gather information and wit to answer him. Then the fun began! Continue reading

How to get retweets on twitter

One of the key measures of engagement with our twitter audience is the number of retweets that you get from your followers and how often do you manage to get them. It is not easy to get retweeted and this is sometimes referred to as an art. There are some who try to make it a precise science. I will share my take on this with you

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Twitter Sentiment: Is it easy to track?

I am sure that at some time or the other you have heard or had to deal with the word twitter sentiment. Many people are confused about what it means. Some think that it is easy to measure and some just dismiss it as a useless metric. Before anything, we need to understand what it is and what are the complexities involved in it. Let us try that today

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