Google testing search-friendly tabs in Chrome and Chrome OS


Google has been testing search-enabled tabs in Chrome since December, but you’ve had to run test versions of the browser to see those tabs in action. That changes today: the company is expanding its trials to include a small number of users running stable copies of Chrome and Chrome OS. If you’re part of that exclusive group and use Google as your default search engine, you’ll see a search box appear in every new tab. The page also supports other providers through a developer API. While Google doesn’t say if or when the new search feature will reach every Chrome user, it notes that previous tests have been “encouraging” — don’t be surprised if your tabs get the same treatment in the near future.


Mommy! I got a toolbar! The virus is next!

One of my friends is obsessed with Freeware. Nothing wrong with that! He browses around the net a lot! Nothing wrong there either! Put both together and there might be a lot of wrong about it. He got his internet upgraded to high speed and started freaking out on torrents online. Any site with torrents and he was registered! Then he saw that apart from the regular .mp4 and .avi files there are .mkv torrents and you need converters for those files to play smoothly. And there began a tale of misery, suffering, horror and a lot of pain!

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Niche Blogging or Just Blogging?

Many people take to blogging with great passion and are in a huge rush to set up an online presence and then grow it into a brand. From there they are all keen to be called “A-List” bloggers. They want people swearing by their blogging and they want Google and every other search engine to take note of their blog and serve it up in the first page of results. They want all this, but most of them are confused about whether their blog should be a niche blog that focuses on a particular area or just a blog where everything goes. The answer to this holds the key to your blogging success. Let us see whether Niche is good or just to stay general

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Why do I need a blog?

A few of my friends, well learned and employed in the software industry came up to me and asked me this question. At first, I thought they were trying to joke, but then it turns out that they were serious and indeed asking me this question. First thing I told them is that as individuals they probably don’t, but as companies with products or services they most definitely do. To which they said that the whole world has moved to streams and a shorter attention span and hence blogs are dead! They were referring to this article. What was even more idiotic was the fact Wired told us blogging was dead on a freaking blog!! And then this is what I told them

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