Spotify and Netflix fight music and film piracy

After years of lobbying for tougher anti-piracy laws, the entertainment industry is finally gaining some ground in its war on illegal downloads. According to a new report published by Norwegian research body Ipsos MMI, almost 1.2 billion songs were copied without permission in Norway in 2008, but that figure had plummeted to 210 million – just 17.5 per cent of its level four years earlier.

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ISPs step up efforts to block child abuse images

Culture secretary says companies have agreed to change approach and work more closely with police.Internet service providers have signed up to a fundamental change in their approach, which will involve working more closely with the police to seek out and block images of child abuse, the culture secretary, Maria Miller, has said.

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Email management: A few tips

All of us drown on a daily basis in our emails. The sheer number of emails that an average joe like me receives is unbelievable. I am a conservative user of email. I am not a celebrity or anything like that. And yet I receive emails in the hundreds everyday. Let us see how we can manage this mess of messages better.

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