GE wants to use artificial intelligence

Around the world, the health care system is rife with inefficiencies, and General Electric thinks it can help solve the problem using data. Only it’s not talking about bureaucrats looking at reports: GE has built an artificial intelligence system called Corvix that uses historical data to predict the future, including everything from how diseases will spread to the cities where hospitals will be needed the most.

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Amazon and eBay just started a battle for India

In the past 24 hours, India’s incredibly weird e-commerce market got not one but two votes of confidence. Yesterday eBay said it will enter into a partnership with Snapdeal, an online marketplace in which it is already a big investor. The new deal will see eBay gain access to Snapdeal’s 18 million users—more then three times the number of users eBay itself claims in India.

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 launched in India

Samsung has launched the  Galaxy Mega 5.8, the company’s latest smartphone in the Mega series in India. The Galaxy Mega 5.8 was announced last month, packs a 6.3-inch HD ( 1280 x 720 pixels) TFT capacitive touch screen display, powered by a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor and runs on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). It has a 8MP auto-focus rear camera with LED Flash and a 1.9 MP front-facing camera. and comes with dual SIM support with dual Standby and dual SIM Always On feature that enables the user to receive calls on one SIM number while taking a call from the other.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 comes to India

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a phone riding high on hype, much of it justified. All top Galaxy phones have been market leaders so far. Packed with unique features and powered by top hardware, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 have been best-selling Android phones in their category. Galaxy S4 is supposed to not only match the popularity of its older siblings but also surpass them.

So does Galaxy S4 meet these expectations? Is it the best Android smartphone yet? Is this the phone to beat? Short answer: Yes. Mostly. For long answer, read on…

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My thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung came out with the Galaxy S4 smartphone as a successor to it’s wildly popular Galaxy S3 phone. I am a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S2, I did not buy the S3 as I was a bit tight on money when it was released and I was more than satisfied with the S2. Yes, the S3 had bells and whistles that excited me, but the core needs of a smartphone were and are satisfied by the S2. Now that the S4 is out, will I buy it? Continue reading