Auditing for the social networks


I’ve had clients ask me to set up LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts for them because they’ve heard that they’re ‘nice to have’. I also know of digital agencies who fuel this mentality, promising clients number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

The thing about social media activity is, it doesn’t mean a lot without a good strategy and a good context for that strategy.

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Increasing klout score : what I learned

Klout assigns people a score of between 1 and 100–with 1 being someone who’s never seen social media, and 100 being Justin Bieber. The average person has a score of 20; anything higher means that you’re at least moderately influential in your area of expertise. Everyone with an active Twitter account has a Klout score, though they can opt out of the system if they wish.

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Explaining twitter to my son

“Dad, what is twitter?” a seemingly small question. Coming from my 10 year old son. And then began the most fascinating conversation that we ever had till date. It was a huge challenge. Initially I told him that I needed a day to get back to him so that I could gather information and wit to answer him. Then the fun began! Continue reading